What to Expect from a Professional Siding Installer?

A siding installer is someone that works on the outside of homes and businesses. It is their job to install siding, which in turn will protect a building from the elements. Some of the more common kinds of siding are aluminium, wood, and vinyl. Even though siding materials do differ, the basic duties of a siding installer remain the same. These are talking to customers about their options, providing estimates, getting materials, actual installation and the clean up once the job is complete.

Before starting a job, it will first be necessary for the installer to discuss the options a client has. This means going through the different materials, and discussing the prices of each one. During which time, they will speak to their clients over the phone, or go to their home or business.

Once everything has been discussed, the installer will then provide the client with an estimate. In order to accomplish this, they will have to visit their client’s home or business to take measurements and to visually inspect the site to get a better idea of the overall project cost. Doing this step will ensure the installer and customer are in total agreement, and there will be no hidden costs and nasty surprises at the end of the job. Once they have come to an agreement, the installer will then obtain the materials needed for the job.

Completing the actual siding installation will be the next phase. With many cases, the installer may need to partially or completely remove any pre-existing siding first. They could also have to do some prep work, such as assembling scaffolding and making measurements. Once this is done, they will start to install the siding. On smaller buildings, this could take a couple of days, however, on larger ones, it will take much longer to complete the job.

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