Options Offered by a Professional Siding Installer

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, taking care of its siding should be your main priority for many reasons. Aesthetics is one of them, followed by energy efficiency, and a prolonged life of your walls. But when it comes to materials, what options do you have? A siding installer would recommend these materials:

Wood. This is an alternative used by owners of cottage-like houses or bungalows. If installed correctly and professionally, it will make your home beautiful and well-protected against the elements. Wooden siding can be installed in clapboard, shakes, and shingles. Whatever technique you decide to use, a real expert won’t install them without the necessary fire-resistant coating.

Brick. Having basic information about brick as a construction material, maybe brick siding would sound weird to you. But this clay brick shingles make the perfect siding material for many families. Durable and strong, they come in a variety of colors and sizes. It is usually veneer constructed to outer walls with mortar used to keep bricks together.

Vinyl. Vinyl siding is another great option for thousands of homeowners in the United States. Its affordable cost, versatility, and easy upkeep have made it a popular choice for both residential and commercial clients. Requiring only a few tools to install, this alternative will improve the look and increase the energy efficiency of any building.

Fiber-cement. This is another cost-effective option for you. It can mimic wood, stucco, and masonry. This is a fireproof and termite-resistant material, available in different styles and textures.

Stucco. This traditional siding alternative is a sure waterproof barrier against the weather. It protects the walls underneath successfully and creates a classy and elegant look.

Do you need to hear more about these options? Do you need to hire a siding installer who knows what he is doing? JD Hudson Construction can help. If your property is located in Waterford Township, MI and you need professional advice and workmanship, all you have to do us dial (248) 894-9293.


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