Thinking of Having Siding Installed on Your Home?

What to Expect from a Professional Siding Installer?

A siding installer is someone that works on the outside of homes and businesses. It is their job to install siding, which in turn will protect a building from the elements. Some of the more common kinds of siding are aluminium, wood, and vinyl. Even though siding materials do differ, the basic duties of a siding installer remain the same. These are talking to customers about their options, providing estimates, getting materials, actual installation and the clean up once the job is complete. (more…)

How to Build the Home of Your Dreams in 5 Steps

Tips from a Home Construction Company for Planning and Organizing a Successful Construction Project

Most people are very fond to the places they live in and have various dreams about what the perfect home looks like. Sadly, not everyone gets to realize their dream to live in a custom built home. However, if you ever decide on giving that idea a try, then this is what you need to know about planning and realizing the home of your dreams: (more…)

Quality, Timely & Affordable General Contractor Services Need

Do you need the professional assistance of a well-prepared and experienced general contractor who operates in Waterford Township, MI? If this is your case, do not hesitate to turn to JD Hudson Construction. Our dependable company serves the local community by providing them with first-class quality general contractor services in a timely manner and at affordable prices. We are a crew of skilled and properly equipped experts who are committed to attaining full customer satisfaction. Do not trust mediocre businesses, and get in touch with us today to take advantage of our comprehensive, unmatched skills! You will be glad you did. (more…)

Read before You Begin Any Remodeling Project

Tips for Home Improvement



When choosing a contractor for your remodeling project, there are many things you need to take in consideration if you want the best quality-price service. Keep in mind that the best way of choosing a reliable professional is still asking friends, relatives and neighbors, whom you know made a recent remodeling at home. Ask them also what made them a good home improvement company and a positive experience. (more…)


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